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Invest in Greece NavInvest Greece


NavInvest Greece is the investment advisory service provided by Navigator Consulting in Greece. 

Founded in 1995 in Athens, Navigator provides an integrated range of consultancy services relating to investments in Greece. 

Our services have been developed based on over 20 years of experience in Greek development, during which we have seen a full range of investment scenarios unfold. 

We have advised on some of the largest investments in Greece, while safeguarding our reputation as an independent and objective advisor. 


We work with a wide range of direct clients and intermediaries for investment projects in Greece, including: 

  • Sovereign wealth funds

  • Private equity and distressed asset investors

  • Investment banks

  • High net worth individuals and family investment offices

  • Business angels and venture capital firms 

  • Corporate managers and project sponsors

  • Asset managers and owners of assets in Greece

  • Embassies, chambers of commerce and similar agencies

  • Professional partners such as legal and accounting firms

Projects are undertaken upon completion of a know-your-customer process to ensure there​ are no conflicts of interest. 

Crete Seafront Land for Sale

153,000 sq.m. | € 12,000,000

This land plot is located in a stunning area of natural beauty in north-western Crete. It includes a sandy beach, and can build a minimum of 22,000 sq.m.

13 Villas in Mykonos for Sale

from 250-400 sq.m. | € 22,000,000

This unique estate is located on a promontory between two sandy beaches, and includes 13 villas in a gated community.

Greek Private Island for Sale

100,000 sq.m. | € 5,000,000

This private island is located in a sheltered location in the Corinthian Gulf with stunning views. It has planning permission to build 800 sq.m.



Our Investment Thesis

We take a conservative and skeptical approach towards all aspects of investment advisory and structuring in Greece. Our basic investment thesis is based on the following tenets:

1.  Asset values have rebounded in Greece following the 2010 Greek debt crisis and its nadir in 2015, when Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras drove the country to capital controls. The improving macroeconomic climate since then, and in particular the tourism rebound and the investor-friendly attitude of the Mitsotakis government (2019 - present) have contributed to a rise in property values. While comparatively undervalued compared with many other European capitals, the value fundamentals in many areas of Greece are now distorted and require careful assessment and management.  

2. Asset values notwithstanding, the Greek tax environment is hostile while the Greek public sector remains incapable of modern regulatory tasks. In many cases, tangled regulatory processes are a vector for corruption. 

​3. Current operating returns of most Greek companies do not reflect real operating potential. This is particularly the case with Greek hotels, agricultural or natural resource companies. ​

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