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Private Greek Island  for Sale

Gulf of Corinth | 100,000 sq.m.

€ 5,000,000

Our client is selling a stunning Greek Island in the Gulf of Corinth. Owned by 2 families, the island is located in a sheltered area with stunning, unrestricted views, including of the sunrise and sunset. 

This private island has an area of 100,000 m2 and a height of 22 meters. There are two old houses currently built on it (one in ruins), and has planning permission to build a total area of 800 sq.m.

The island waters are crystal-clear and unpolluted. The island has its own water source, but this will have to be supplemented with potable water shipped in, or desalination.

The northern shore faces the mainland and is sheltered. Electricity can be gained from the shore (approximately 700 meters distance), or a diesel generator or solar panels can be installed.


This Greek island is unique because:


  • All title deeds are in place

  • The island has abundant topsoil and vegetation (it is not bare rock)

  • It is located 700 m offshore, and 1000 m from a marina

  • It is located near a highlway network and electric grid

  • It is in a sheltered area

  • Total driving time to Athen is 3 hours

  • The island is located near Delphi, Arahova (for skiing on Parnassos Mountain), Galaxidi, Patras, Nafpaktos and Messolongi: there are abundant possibilities for short side trips.


Planning permission to build a hotel may be possible. A helipad and jetty can be built immediately. 

Helicopter transfers can be arranged from Athens International Airport (approximately 30 minutes flying time), or high speed powerboat transfers from Pireaus or other marinas. 

This is an off-market private Greek island sale. Please Contact Us for further information.



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