Expat Investors in Greece

We frequently work for expat investors in Greece working on small-scale projects. Typical projects include buying or building a vacation house or small hotel; setting up a winery or olive oil mill; building or renovating historic properties. 

As a form of corporate social responsibility, we support selected expat investors with consulting advice and services in various areas. 

Some ways we can help include: 

  • General advice on procedures to follow for structuring the investment

  • Legal formation of a holding company

  • Contact to qualified accountants, lawyers, public notaries, civil engineers

  • Tax advice

  • Payroll and hiring advice

  • Advice on business operations 

  • Registering as a tourism enterprise

  • Handling bank accounts and online payments

  • Airbnb rental contracts and Greek hotel taxation.

If you are an expat planning an investment in Greece and need support, please contact us to review your business case.