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Tax Analysis & Planning

The Greek tax environment remains market by constant changes and uncertainty. In addition to the high costs of compliance, the tax system often creates bottlenecks due to high bureaucracy and a stamp mentality. 

In light of the Greek financial crisis, the Greek tax system has evolved into a predatory system where the extraction of revenue for the Greek state has become a main objective. Issues such as tax fairness, clear information, low costs of compliance and rapid resolution of court cases or administrative procedures do not feature in the Greek tax system. 


The main taxes which place investments at risk in Greece include: 


  • Value Added Tax

  • Corporate Income Tax

  • Payroll Tax on Employment 

  • Property Tax

  • Indirect Taxes levied on electricity bills (Municipal taxes, renewable energy contributions)

  • Additional Taxes on Specific Investments or fields.


In contrast, the range of tax incentives on investments is usually outweighed by the high indirect taxes levied. 

We support investors in Greece through tax planning and analysis by: 


  • Analysing the taxes in force for a specific investment

  • Assessing the future stability and likely changes of tax rates

  • Tax incentives available for development

  • Developing methods to cope with high and uncertain taxation. 

Please contact us for further information. 

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