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Working with Us

We work with a wide range of direct clients and intermediaries for investment projects in Greece, including: 

  • Sovereign wealth funds

  • Private equity and distressed asset investors

  • Investment banks

  • High net worth individuals and family investment offices

  • Business angels and venture capital firms 

  • Corporate managers and project sponsors

  • Asset managers and owners of assets in Greece

  • Embassies, chambers of commerce and similar agencies

  • Professional partners such as legal and accounting firms

Greek investment projects, whether due diligence or asset sale promotions, are only undertaken upon completion of a know-your-customer and on- boarding process to ensure that there​ are no conflicts of interest. 

All Greek investment projects are based on a legal contract, and we take steps to safeguard confidentiality and data security. 

Please note that our company is not regulated by any financial regulatory or conduct authority and that we provide consulting and communication services only. 


For further information on our investment services in Greece, please feel free to contact us. All information is held in strict confidentiality.  

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