Mykonos Villas for Sale

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Mykonos Villas for Sale

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Mykonos Villas for Sale

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Mykonos Villas for Sale

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Mykonos 13 Villas  for Sale

13 properties | 100,000 sq.m. estate on the sea | semi-finished 

€ 22,000,000

Our client is selling a promontory in Mykonos with 13 semi-finished villas. The promontory is located between Fokos and Myrsini Beaches, near Ano Mera, Mykonos and measures 25 acres or 100 stemmata (100,000 sq.m.)


The 13 villas are semi-finished and will be completed to spec. by the developer as part of the sales price. The development included 15 villas: 2 have been sold but can be re-purchased by the investor.


The sales price of € 22 million includes completion of the villas to the original specification. 

This is a unique development opportunity:


  1. A rare development: a mix of smaller and large villas.

  2. Exclusive location: ability to develop a walled estate wit security, helipad, landscaping, noise control, etc.

  3. Close proximity to 2 beaches

  4. Located 5 km from Ano Mera Village; 10 kms from Mykonos Town, Port and Airport

  5. All title deeds in place; no debts, liens, etc.

  6. In addition to development, the completed villas can be rented during the tourist season.


Mykonos Villa specifications include: 

  • Distance from shoreline 30m-50m.

  • 2-storey villas plus basements.

  • Maximum villa height 7.5m, volumes no larger than 800 cubic m.

  • Longest continuous surfaces do not exceed 12m.

  • Traditional style of architecture (reductions, curves, arches, built-in areas, rough/irregular surfaces, arches).

  • Several levels not higher than 1m from natural ground.

  • Asymmetrical openings on the elevations.

  • Verandas, balconies & outdoor living spaces have direct sea views.

  • Exteriors of stone, white plaster and wood.

  • Floors of marble, stone, ceramic tiles and wood.

  • All bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

  • Saunas, steam baths, hot tubs, gyms, playrooms and garages.

  • Private water tank for every villa with automatic booster.

  • Insulation in concrete of both walls and terraces.

  • Wooden windows and doors with double glass glazing.

  • Accessible roof terraces.

  • Interior ceilings of painted plaster or wood with beams.

  • Skylights with fixed or operable domes with laminated glass.

  • Heating and cooling by central external units and invisible internal partitions – room autonomy.

  • Radiant floor heating.

  • Oil boilers with circulating pumps for instant hot water.

  • Public electricity supply.

  • Generators to insure energy independence.

  • Alternative energy connection is ready.

  • Drainage system with biological processing units.

  • Use of helipad and well; the island's water reservoir is 1km away.

  • Heated swimming pools with infinity effect.

  • Extensive gardens enhanced by walls and trees to insure privacy in every villa.

Mykonos Villa 1 Specifications

 Land Area: 6.534,05 m²

 Villa Area: 446,10 m²

 Bedrooms: 7

 Swimming Pool: 60 m² 

Mykonos Villa 7 Specifications 

Land: 4.755,00 m2

Bedroom: 6

Villa: 364,84 m2

Swimming pool: 70 m2

Mykonos Villa 13 Specifications

Land: 2.097,00 m2

Bedroom: 5

Villa: 280,67 m2

Swimming pool: 70 m2

Mykonos Villa 14 Specifications

Land: 4.177,00 m2

Bedroom: 8

Villa: 459,18 m2

Swimming pool: 84 m2

This is an off-market Mykonos Villa sale in Greece. Please Contact Us for further information.