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Re-development of the Gournes Air Base, Crete Announced

A former US Airforce air base at Gournes, in Heraklion Prefecture, Crete, is in the process of receiving permission for re-development. The new 345-acre development is expected to include an integrated tourism and casino resort, including several hotels, apartment buildings, spas, and more.

Crete, Greece: 12 May 2021

In May 2021, the approval of the Special Plan of the Spatial Development of Public Property was approved and a Presidential Decree has been published. This step is an important preface to the eventual tender for the Crete development.

The development permissions are currently expected to include the following assets:

  • Casino license: It is expected that a casino will be licensed on the spot. This will be the first such casino in Crete, and foreign interest is high.

  • Property Development in Zone 1: Zone 1 includes 29,113 square meters of land to be used for theme parks and shipping malls.

  • · Property Development in Zone 2: Zone 2 includes 319,454 square meters, for tourism development.

The Master Plan includes provision for:

  • 4 and 5 stars hotels of 200 keys

  • Furnished apartments

  • 5-star, 678-bed mixed-type hotel

  • Casino

  • Mini golf court

  • Spa

  • Yacht mooring marina

  • Helipad

  • Sports facilities

  • Shopping malls and upermarkets

  • Resaurants

  • Health centre

  • Conference centre; Exhibition centre and exhibition spaces

  • Cultural buildings

  • Banks

  • Parking (closed and open)

  • Aquarium

  • Vessel anchorage for interconnection with the island of Dia.

The investment potential of the Gournes site is high, as it is near the International Exhibition Centre of Crete; the Cretaquarium; the University of Crete; the Scientific and Technological Park of Crete; and the International Airport of Heraklion "Nikos Kazantzakis".

The Gournes site is located on the northern highway of Crete and is 13 km from Heraklion International Airport and 16 km from the Port of Heraklion.

This is a major tourism and infrastructure development project that, if completed properly, will help the economy of Crete and Greece.

For further information, please contact:

Philip Ammerman

Managing Director


Money Review. 12 May 2021

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