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ONEX and Cisco open Centre for Marine Innovation in Syros

ONEX and Cisco announced their cooperation for the creation of an International Centre for Marine Technology and Innovation in Syros, Greece.

Syros, Greece: 18 December 2020

ONEX is an Israeli-American consortium that have privatised the Neorion Shipyard in Syros. ONEX provides high quality, high-tech ship repair and maintenance services across a range of industries: oil and gas, superyachts, tankers, container ships, and more. The Neorion Shipyard is today 160 years old and was one of the first major industrial investments in Greece.

The International Centre for Marine Technology and Innovation has grouped the following functions:

  • Remote Performance Monitoring Software,

  • Sensor Networks,

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Applications,

  • Data Reality,

  • Data Collection,

  • Mobile Data Units Broadband Communications,

  • Advanced Data Analysis Techniques, Collaboration Tools,

  • Innovative Solutions

It is foreseen that the Technology Centre will not only be a mainstay of managed services’ offerings, but will also be a nautical innovation hub, with technology development plans that will "change the data" through an ecosystem of digital partners, academic institutions, research associates and start-up companies.

The mentioned functions in combination with maritime specialisation will help companies to face the most complex business scenarios and the needs of monitoring their performance.

In the announcement made on 18 December 2020, U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic Geoffrey R. Pyatt said:

I am very excited about this new high-tech collaboration between ONEX and Cisco. Over the past three and a half years, I have watched how ONEX has helped to rebuild the Greek shipbuilding industry through its resurrection of the Neorion shipyard on Syros. When I first visited Syros in 2017, this important maritime asset was rusting away. But thanks to American investment and the hard work and dedication of Panos, his employees, and all of you, the Neorion shipyard and indeed the whole island of Syros have come roaring back to life. And as a result, the Greek shipbuilding industry grew more than 100% from 2017-2019, with Neorion contributing over 90% of that growth.

Ambassador Pyatt added:

I’m also delighted that this Maritime Technology and Innovation Center, powered by Cisco’s cutting-edge technology, is going to open its doors on Syros, which has for so long been a center of Greece’s shipbuilding traditions.

Navigator Consulting supports investments in Greece, and has extensive experience in investment due diligence and business planning.

Philip Ammerman

Managing Director


Διεθνές κέντρο θαλάσσιας τεχνολογίας και καινοτομίας στο Νεώριο της Σύρου από ONEX και Cisco 17 December 2020

Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at the ONEX-Cisco International Maritime Tech and Innovation Center Launch

U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Greece. 18 December 2020

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