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Mytilineos and CIP to develop Offshore Wind Farms in Greece

Mytilineos, the Greek energy and minerals conglomerate, has announced an agreement with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to develop offshore wind farms in Greece.

Athens, Greece: 29 June 2021

Although Greece has ambitious national renewable energy targets, until now the large majority of wind investments have been based on land. Recent licensing changes have made it possible to consider offshore wind power investments in Greece.

Mytilineos is a key investor in the Greek and international energy and renewable energy. Its subsidiary, METKA, is one of the largest owners of renewable energy installations in Greece and worldwide, while METKA-EGN has installed over 1.5 GW of solar power plants and 400 MW of energy storage systems world-wide.

The alliance of Mytilineos and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners brings with it best-in-class capabilities for offshore wind energy investments in Greece. According to corporate sources, both companies would contribute to this cooperation in order to identify appropriate offshore wind sites, co-develop and co-invest in offshore wind projects.

It is foreseen that Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP) will be the principal developer for all the projects to be developed under the CIP- Mytilineos cooperation.

COP works closely with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and has been leading the development of offshore wind projects in Germany, UK, Taiwan, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and elsewhere since 2015.

Mytilineos is active in metallurgy, power & gas, renewables & storage and sustainable engineering solutions. Established in Greece in 1990, the company is listed on the Athens Exchange, has a consolidated turnover of € 1.9 billion and employs directly or indirectly more than 3,850 people in Greece and abroad.

Dinos Benroubi, General Manager of the Power & Gas Business Unit at Mytilineos stated that:

“We are proud to collaborate with world leaders in offshore wind projects and we are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation that will enhance both the energy strategy of Mytilineos and Greece’s energy transition.”

Navigator Consulting supports energy and renewable energy investments in Greece and internationally. Our expertise includes projects implemented in renewable energy and energy storage, including solar power installations, wind power installations, hydropower installations and energy storage units. Our services include renewable energy due diligence, business planning, financial modelling and risk analysis.

For further information, please contact:

Philip Ammerman

Managing Director

Sources: 29 June 2021

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