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Greece hits record milestone in green energy output in 2023

Greece achieved its highest-ever level of renewable energy production in 2023. Energy produced from wind, solar and hydroelectric sources accounted for 57% of Greece’s 2023 energy consumption, based on preliminary figures.


Greece’s energy consumption has been relatively stable between 2014 and 2023, despite major increases in tourism arrivals and energy-intensive investments as well as a significant warming of the climate. In 2023, Greece’s total energy consumption reached 49.27 terrawatt hours (TWh) (based on preliminary figures).


In 2023, renewable energy (wind and solar), accounted for 21.34 TWh of consumption, or 48% of the total. When combined with hydroelectric, the total green energy consumption share rises to 58%.


Table 1: Energy Consumption by Source, 2023*


2023 Consumption (TWh)*

Share %

Renewable Energy



Natural Gas



Lignite Coal









*preliminary figures – not all consumption has been certified and counted.


This is a significant improvement over 2014, when carbon-burning sources produced some 70% of the total energy mix by consumption, while all renewable sources (wind, solar, hydro) accounted for 30%.


Greece has committed to phasing out lignite production, and in 2023 overall production reached some 10% of total energy mix. Emissions from electricity production fell 23% and hit a record low of 13.25 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. Heating oil also saw a 32% fall in demand.


Along with an aggressive plan to attract renewable energy investments, Greece has been supporting the sector through developing bilateral and multilateral agreements with neighbours such as Bulgaria, Egypt, and other countries, including increasing energy and electricity interconnectors. Greece has also continued licensing a number of RES investments.


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