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Hellinikon Metropolitan Park receives final approval

The Greek Government approved a landscaping study for the creation of the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park. Built on the site of the former Hellenikon Airport, it is expected that the Metropolitan Park will become one of the largest coastal parks in Europe, covering 75,000 sq.m. of total area.

Athens, Greece: 15 January 2021

(c) Hellinikon Metropolitan Park Project

The design of the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park include:

  • 5 squares

  • A network of existing and proposed roads and corridors

  • Green spaces

  • 4 mini parks within the park

  • Bathroom areas

  • Information and reception centers

  • Observation points

  • Bench placement fountains

  • Bicycle stands

  • Fencing

  • Signage

  • Lighting.

According to Nikos Tagaras, the Minister of Alternate Environment,

“The approval of the first part of the Metropolitan Park at Hellinikon is extremely important as it is the forerunner of the largest park in Greece paving the way for an iconic project of both developmental and environmental character”.

The Hellinikon Project is an € 8 bln investment to transform the site of the old Athens International Airport. It is expected the project will create more than 75,000 jobs in total and by the end of the investment period will have contributed more than € 7.42 bln to Greece GDP. Covering a prime, seafront location of 6,200,00 sq.m., the Hellinikon Project will consist of:

  • One of the largest municipal public parks in Europe;

  • Luxury residences;

  • Hotels;

  • a Yachting marina;

  • a Casino;

  • Science and Research Institutions;

  • a Multifunctional Events Center.

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Greek Travel Pages. 15 January 2021

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