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Greek Fintech Hub launched in Athens

The National Bank of Greece, the Onassis Foundation, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, and the Athens University of Economics & Business have collectively launched the Greek Fintech Hub. The aim of the Greek Fintech Hub is to raise the level of dialogue surrounding fintech entrepreneurship in Greece, challenging existing knowledge and forging new potential for development.

Athens, Greece: 3 June 2021

The Greek Fintech Hub has designed the following actions:

  • Financing through Fundraising meetups

  • Networking with Italian and Spanish Banks that run similar financing programmes

  • Working in tandem with the European Crowd Dialog initiative

  • Keeping people up to date through monthly Fintech Talks (1st Thursday of every month from September onwards 17:00)

  • Hosting of special Fintech Workshops for the creative industries and tourism.

The Initiative forces to transform the fintech industry in Greece through the following pillars:

1. Crowd Dialogue Partnership

  • Develop close collaboration with Crowd Dialog Europe

  • Co-organize events on Greek fintech activities and companies

  • Invite Greek Fintech Hub guests to attend Tiny Talk events

2. Bank Alliance

  • Meet the innovation teams of BBVA& Banca Sella, IS Group

  • Structure a common fintech programme with ES, IT GR Endeavor offices

  • Co-invest with other banks of the alliance

3. Fintech Travel, Hospitality

  • Develop activities on the Tourism Industry Fintech component

  • Grant opportunities on Fintech Tourism Industry

  • Pilot opportunities in hotels around Greece with the support of HCH

4. Technology Transfer

  • Workshops ‘From Lab to Market’ for researchers

  • Coaching Researchers

  • Open Innovation Challenges

5. Fintech Creative Industries

  • Develop activities on the Creative Industries

  • Fintech component

  • Monthly meetups in order to identify local initiatives & opportunities

  • Co-investment opportunities on Fintech Creative Industries


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