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City of Athens establishes Film Office to promote filming in Athens

Despite the fact that Athens could be an attractive location for international movie makers, it has not always been easy to film there. The bureaucracy and a shortage of competitive incentives have encouraged filmmakers to choose different locations. After the launch of the Athens Film Office and the increased returns of incentives from the Greek government, Athens is expected to become a “Film Friendly City”.

Athens, Greece: 08 December 2020

According to X.PAT Athens, the new Athens Film Office will be a one-stop-shop for receiving and managing film and television requests, facilitating filming requirements, and acting as a go-between to clear bureaucratic obstacles for overseas productions.

The Athens Film Office is a division of EATA (the City of Athens Company for Touristic Development). It provides the following free services:

  • Location scouting services in close cooperation with local location managers

  • Assistance with permit issuance

  • Connection with hospitality service providers through the city’s extensive network

  • Consultancy regarding different financial aid government programs

  • Close cooperation with the Hellenic Film Commission for different shooting locations in the rest of the country

  • Coordination among different city services for shootings with special requirements (road blocking etc).

According to the Athens Film Office website, makers of films, television episodes, or advertisements will soon have over 70+ Athenian locations to choose from. Current options span from landmark squares like Syntagma and Omonia and Athens’ emblematic National Garden, to the Maria Callas Municipal Theatre, and contemporary urban hub, Technopolis, in Gazi.

In its article released on 8 December, This Is Athens writes:

The new approach is already paying off. More than 10 international audiovisual works (movies, TV series, and advertising) will take place this year despite the pandemic and two-month lockdown; with work already underway on several.

According to the Athens’ Mayor Kostas Bakayoannis,

The Municipality of Athens, through the Athens Film Office, aspires to play a leading role in the effort to better utilize the development potential of the city. Athens becomes a key pole of attraction for new investments and hosts more and more international film productions.


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