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British Government to end travel restrictions for vaccinated citizens in August 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

According to Bloomberg, the British Government is preparing to allow fully-vaccinated Britons to travel to more than 150 countries – including Greece – without the need to quarantine on their return. It is foreseen that the restrictions to travel will be ended starting in August 2021.

22 June 2021

According to Bloomberg, it is expected the British government will approve the policy in the coming days. The renewed policy will pave the way for the reopening of international journeys to popular destinations in Europe and the United States.

The changes to the policy are expected to take effect starting August, 2021. Bloomberg writes that

“Ministers are expected to keep a tight limit on the number of destinations on the so-called green list for quarantine-free travel. According to it, this may limit the benefit to airlines such as EasyJet Plc and British Airways, which have stepped up demands to relax border restrictions with vaccines. Nearly 65% of the U.K. population have been vaccinated.”

According to Money Review, Greece, like 166 other destinations is on the orange list meaning that the British must spend 10 days in quarantine on their return. No significant changes to the green list are expected during the coming week.

All travel plans this summer have been altered by the dramatic growth of the Delta coronavirus variant.


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