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Working with Us

Asset Owners


If you own an asset in Greece, such as a land plot, company, hotel or other asset, and seek assistance to sell it, we can list it and promote it on NavInvest Greece. 

Please note that we provide high quality investment promotion and advisory services. For this reason, there are certain requirements for structuring a successful professional relationship. 

Asset Description and Photos

Please provide a detailed description of the asset in question, together with at least one high quality image. The more images provided, the better the reception generally is. Nearly all assets are uploaded to our website without reference to a specific name in order to safeguard the current operations and confidentiality of the asset. 

Fair Market Value 

We ask that your sales price reflect fair market value given the current conditions in Greece and the financial return, as evidenced by a potential future cash flow, of your business. 

Proof of Ownership 

We ask that you provide a legal proof of ownership of the asset in question. This is not released on our website, but is a necessary step for listing. 

Data Room & Due Diligence

In order to provide better services for investors, we typically require that all documentation involved in an asset sale, such as proof of ownership, legal statutes, financial statements and other information is available and can be provided to investors. We can set up an online data room for asset owners if requested. 

Promotion and Brokerage Costs & Contract

Listing on NavInvest Greece is free, providing your asset meets our quality criteria. We do require a legal contract for promotion, which includes a brokerage fee in the case our investment promotion is successful. 

Investors in Greece


If you are an investor interested in Greece, we are available to provide consultancy services on your behalf. Typical services include: 

Investment Scanning and Target Screening

Based on your requirements, we scan investment opportunities in Greece, both from within our listed projects as well as within the wider market. We generate short-lists and target screening profiles based on which you can decide which opportunities to pursue further. 

Due Diligence

We provide a wide range of due diligence services on assets in Greece, including commercial, technical, legal and financial. We have trusted partners to determine issues such as debts or liens, court cases pending, registration in national cadastre, police and criminal records and related services. We can also provide full due diligence reports and market verification reports. 


We provide an independent asset or corporate valuation, taking into account current and historical data as well as likely turn-arounds. 

Business Planning & Financial Modelling 

We generate rapid and/or comprehensive business plans, including detailed dynamic financial models suitable for credit committees of investment banks, private equity firms, funds and other investors. 

EU Funding Analysis

We provide assessments of EU funding opportunities and add-ons in Greece for your investment. 


We support purchase negotiations. 

Structuring & Contracting 

We provide advice on the best way to structure an investment in Greece given the complicated operating environment. 

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