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Spetses 5-Bedroom Villa for Sale

252 sq.m. |  500 sq.m. land plot | sea view 

€ 1,250,000

Our client is selling a villa in the Old Harbour area of Spetses. Located on a low hill, this is a luxury villa with a total floor area of 252 sq. m., on 3 floors, on a land plot of 500 sq. m. that includes a swimming pool and garden.


The villa includes:


  • 5 bedrooms, including 1 master bedroom

  • 2 kitchens

  • 4 bathrooms

  • independent heating

  • air conditioning

  • many verandas


The villa was built in 2002 and has a sea view. It complies with anti-seismic specifications, and is for sale directly from the owner.

This villa is well-suited to a family or couple interested in having a summer vacation house in Greece. With 5 bedrooms and a swimming pool, inviting friends and family is an easy option. 


Summer rentals are possible: the villa is currently rented at € 650/day in the summer tourist season.


Part of the Saronic Gulf islands near Hydra and Aigina, Spetses is one of the most aristocratic and cosmopolitan Greek islands with a rich history in shipping. Some of the most well-known Greek shipping and industrial families come from Spetses and visit extensively during the summer. 

Spetses can be reached by Flying Dolphin or ferry from Pireaus Harbour, or by road and local ferry. 

Please contact us for further information.

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