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Greece to create two new scientific research institutes

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Mr. Christos Dimas, announced the foundation of two new research institutes in Greece on Wednesday, 31 August in the Hellenic Parliament.

The Institute for Quantum Research and Technology will be tasked with producing research in the field of Quantum Computing, quantum science and technologies of related phenomena. This will include applications of a wide range of industry sectors, such as energy, communications, shipping, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and finance. The cooperation on international research programmes and European funding will be a key objective of the Institute. This institute will be housed in the Demokritos Research Institute.

The Institute for Human Genomics will be housed in the Technology and Research Foundation. Its mission will be to conduct cutting-edge research in human genetics, as well as to provide services, utilizing the diversity of local genomic variants for the history of the Greek population. Genetic research to understand fundamental biological processes related to genetic diversity; translational research to understand the molecular mechanisms of genomic disorders; treatment options; and prevention approaches on an individualized basiswill be undertaken.

Both research institutes are being funded by the Hellenic Recovery Fund.



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