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European Consortium completes acquisition of 66% of the Greek Gas Transmission Operator DESFA

The Hellenic Republic Assets Development Fund (HRADF) sold a 66% stake in DESFA, the Greek Gas Transmission system operator. The buyers were a European consortium composed of Snam, Enagas and Fluxys. The total purchase price was € 535 million.


DESFA opened in 2007 and transports imported natural gas from the Greek-Bulgarian and the Greek-Turkish border to consumers in continental Greece.


Greece’s national gas transmission system consist of a 1,466 km high pressure pipeline and Greece’s only LNG terminal near Revithoussa. The LNG terminal is an important energy asset of Greece that receives LNG cargoes, stores and regasifies LNG, and supplies the National Gas Transmission System.


With the support of Snam, Enagas and Fluxys, DESFA looks to strengthen its strategic position in the Mediterranean region, contributing to Greece’s economic growth. The consortium is expected to promote natural gas innovation in Greece and introduce renewable gases.


The partial privatisation of DESFA is a core priority for the Hellenic Republic Assets Development Fund (HRADF). The Fund aims to accelerate the implementation processes and maximise the benefits of private investments in Greece.




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