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Athens International Airport among the most efficient in the World

Athens International Airport (AIA) was ranked among the most efficient airports in the world at the 2020 ATRS Global Airport Efficiency Awards. The Awards have been organised by the US-based Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Athens, Greece: 23 July 2020

AIA was ranked as the most efficient airport in Europe, for airports that serve 15-25 million passengers per year.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was again ranked first among airports with over 40 million passengers in Europe in 2019. Other winners included Copenhagen Airports and EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg.

According to ATRS 2020 Top Efficiency Award Winners in

Europe: Most Efficient Airports:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol: Over 40 mln passengers per year.

  • Copenhagen: 25-40 mln passengers per year.

  • Athens: 15-25 mln passengers per year.

  • EuroAirport: Under 15 mln passengers per year.

Asia Pacific:

  • Hong Kong. Over 40 mln passengers per year.

  • Jeju International. 20-40 mln passengers per year.

  • Gimhae International. 10-20 mln passengers per year.

  • Guam International. Under 10 mln passengers per year.

North America (Canada/US):

  • Atlanta. Over 40 mln passengers per year.

  • Vancouver. 25-40 mln passengers per year.

  • Salt Lake City. 15-25 mln passengers per year.

  • Nashville. 5-15 mln passengers per year.

The results of the ATRS awards were based on the 19th edition of the ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Report, which provides a comparison of airport performance worldwide, focusing on productivity and operating/management efficiency, unit cost competitiveness and comparison of airport charges.

The 2020 ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Project report includes 204 airports and 24 airport groups of various sizes and ownership forms in the Asia Pacific, in Europe and in North America.

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Greek Travel Pages. 23 July 2020

Air Transport Research Society.


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