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560,000 low-income students to benefit from IT subsidy

The Greek Government is investing € 112 mln for the purchase of technological equipment for low-income pupils and students. This will be distributed to 560,000 low-income children, who will receive vouchers of € 200 each to buy IT equipment.

Athens, Greece: 15 December 2020

According to the Ministry of Development, the IT subsidy programme will support the population for e-learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and is part of the Greek Government’s strategic planning for the further digital transformation of education.

The € 200 vouchers will be usable for purchases in Greece, for tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

This programme is one of the first projects at European level that aims to use funds from the EU Pandemic Recovery Fund. The estimated number of beneficiaries amounts to approximately 325,000 families with 560,000 young people aged 4 to 24 years.

According to the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Development and Investment, beneficiaries will be families with an equivalent family income of up to € 6,000. The equivalent family income is defined based on:

  • the annual family income

  • the number of children per family

  • whether a family is single parent or not

The programme aims to contribute to the long-term strengthening the digital skills of the educational community. It is a part of strategy for digital transformation in education which includes:

  • significant investments in the radical upgrade of public networks and information systems;

  • the strengthening of technological equipment of all educational structures and the upgrading of their connection with the internet,

  • training programmes for teachers and trainers in digital educational tools,

  • the creation of extensive digital educational material in the context of the reform of national educational curricula.

Philip Ammerman

Managing Director


Hellenic Republic Ministry of Development and Investment. 15 December 2020

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