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Olive Tree Plantation Sale

1,100 trees | 75,000 sqm | 2016

Navigator advised on the sale of a plantation of 1,100 mature olive trees located on 75 stremmata (75,000 square meters) in Laconia, Greece. The plot is located 4 km from the national highway, and 20 km south of Sparta.Annual production is 15 tonnes kalamata olives and 25 tonnes of olive oil. All produce is currently sold as bulk, unbranded products. Olives are pressed at one of several refineries in the region. There is significant potential for introducing an own micro brand, or cooperating with other higher quality producers. 

Our work included:

  • Checking land registration in the National Cadastre

  • Checking for debts and liens on the land

  • Developing a quick financial model for developing olive oil yield

  • Reviewing other financial income potential.

For further information on buying or selling olive tree plantations and agricultural land in Greece, please contact us 

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