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Corfu Semi-finished Hotel    for Sale

€ 11,000,000

108 rooms 


Rooms:              108

Price:                 € 11 mln

Price/Room:    € 101,851


Location:           Corfu Island


Our client is selling a semi-finished 108 rooms hotel property in one of the best locations on Corfu Island, Greece.

The Land Plot is 15,000 sq.m. Building footprint 4,800 sq.m.

The hotel has 108 rooms approx. 30 sq.m. each, 14 low-rise buildings, hotel reception facilities and hilltop villa.

The hotel may be developed to an exclusive, beachfront resort, guarded behind high walls and plantations to create a secret garden for exclusive guests

This property is unique because it can be developed in different ways. The key decisions are whether to focus on couples rather than families and keep 108 rooms or combine into larger suites and villas.

This is an off-market transaction. We ask that any interested buyers are


  • Direct contacts; and

  • Have a proof of funds, or a professional identity commensurate with the project.


Please note that we cannot support brokers except in exceptional circumstances where there is a clear buyer and professional reputation in view.

Please Contact Us for further information on hotel sales in Greece. 

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