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Sitecore acquires Moosend, the Greek email marketing platform

Sitecore acquired the Greek technology startup Moosend. According to the CEO of Sitecore Steve Tzikakis, the acquisition is a part of Sitecore’s ambitious ongoing $ 1.2 bln growth plan.

Athens, Greece: 7 May 2021

Founded in 2001, Sitecore created a digital experience platform. The platform created a central repository of information for each web visitor, which could be used to create and deliver personalized digital experiences. The foundation was laid for the Sitecore Experience Platform™ of today.

Moosend is a Greek technology startup. According to Kathimerini, it has developed a user-friendly email marketing platform aimed at companies that send newsletters to their customers. Through marketing automation, companies can also predict and record the behavior and moves of visitors to their websites.

Tzikakis expressed his excitement about Sitecore gaining a talented and innovative team in Athens and beyond that built a state-of-the-art AI-driven marketing automation platform relied on by global brands from the ground up:

“Moosend complements Sitecore’s industry-leading core offering to create a personalization powerhouse for modern enterprise. Moosend’s state-of-the-art marketing automation and AI-powered customer engagement features will streamline Sitecore’s ability to engage, nurture, and convert customer relationships to deliver personalized experiences across every channel. The combined offering will make it easier for marketers to deploy and measure campaigns and automate workflows across the entire customer journey – a game-changer for the majority of brands not yet set up for lifecycle marketing.”

According to Tzikakis, Greece’s tech ecosystem, startup community and resulting technical talent pool is creating unique opportunities for companies like Sitecore to invest, hire and grow both in-market and regionally.

Navigator Consulting provides Investment Advisory, Strategic Management and support for start-ups in Cyprus, Greece and internationally.


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