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Ryanair announces three new Bases in Greece

On Wednesday, Ryanair announced its plans for further expansion in Greece. It plans to open three new summer bases in Corfu, Chania and Rhodes. The investment is estimated to reach $400,000,000.

Dublin, Ireland: 24 March 2020

(c) Rynair aircraft

According to Ryanair, establishing new Greek summer bases will deliver:

  • Four additional aircraft

  • 107 routes

  • 46 new routes

  • 243 weekly flights

  • 120 local jobs

The bases include:


2 aircraft

July to October

18 new routes

42 routes in total

97 weekly flights


1 aircraft

July to October

15 new routes

38 routes in total

90 weekly flights


1 aircraft

July to October

13 new routes

27 routes in total

56 weekly flights

According to Rynair’s Commercial Director, Jason McGuinness,

“As vaccination rollout programmes continue in the coming months, air traffic is set to soar this Summer and we are delighted to announced three new summer bases in Greece, which will deliver four based aircraft in Corfu, Chania & Rhodes, 107 routes in total, including 46 new routes to popular destinations such as Barcelona, Bari, Marseille, Paphos, Tel Aviv and Verona among many others.

Greece is proving to be a resilient destination and is determined to lead the way in tourism recovery as we walk away from the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the announcement of the first travel corridors with Israel and Cyprus in April and the official re-opening to all international travel from 14th May, we are proud to support the resurgence of the country’s tourism industry and to offer both Greek visitors and customers greater choice and even lower fares.”

Experience from other destination, including Paphos, Cyprus, shows that a low cost airline base can make a major impact on all aspects of tourism, including both incoming and outbound flights.

Navigator Consulting supports tourism investments in Greece and has extensive experience in due diligence on tourism and property investments.

For further information, please contact:

Philip Ammerman

Managing Director


Rynair Group Corporate. 24 March 2020

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