Hilton Hotel Property in Athens Sold for € 76 million; Temes and Dogus Group win Tender

The Hilton Hotel, a landmark in central Athens, has been sold by Alpha Bank to Home Holdings, an investment consortium comprising TEMES SA and D-Marine Investments Holding. In October 2016, Home Holdings proceeded with the acquisition of Ionian Hotels, the owner of the Athens Hilton Building, from Alpha Bank. The total price was € 76.1 million, for 97.3% of Ionian Hotels. Included in the deal was the refinancing of € 67.2 million in loans owed by Ionian Hotels to Alpha Bank. TEMES SA operates the Costa Navarino Hotel in Messinia, and is one of three major operating units owned by the Konstantakopoulos Family. D-Marine Investments is a subsidiary of Turkey’s Dogus Group. Dogus is one of the t